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Monogrammed Trailer Hitch

Please pardon the interruption & low inventory!
We are in the process of updating our site with brand new
features & checkouts & exciting NEW items!!

HoodWare is the absolute newest and TRENDIEST way to accessorize your car with some extra attitude, style, and fun!!  Since HoodWare is most often used as a Monogrammed Trailer Hitch, we've decided to include the Trailer Hitch Cover Adaptor in our price!!!

Just look how HoodWare was attached to all the different parts of this car!! 

e-Central's Trailer Hitch Variety

HoodWare attaches to any metal (car, locker, boat, golf cart, dorm fridge, etc !) by super strong mounted magnets, and what makes HoodWare so versatile, is that it can also be attached to non-metal things (trailer hitch, glass windows, wood, etc) too!! Can be mounted practically anywhere, just use your imagination!!  (Our HoodWare Trailer Hitch Covers are made from ABS Plastic, which has a melt temperature of over 300 degrees!  It will not warp or lose it's shape ever -- you can even toss it up into the air and let it drop on concrete and it will not break!!!)

Our Monogrammed Trailer Hitch Cover is sure to get you noticed because it measures a generous 5.5"H x 8.5" W!

PLEASE NOTE: The Trailer Hitch Adaptor kit measures approx 2 inches so make sure that you have the large hitch hole and not the small hitch hole before ordering!! The window adaptor kit can be purchased  separately.  Please give us a call if you have questions.  Our Trailer Hitch Adaptors are also unbreakable and will not warp; however, they are made from a slightly softer plastic, polypropylene, which allows the plastic tabs to be depressed so that the hitch cover can be easily removed.

HoodWare offers you the most perfect gift for that hard-to-buy for friend or loved one; and is also perfect for those hard to please guys!!!  We have so many styles to choose from:  Polka Dot, Giraffe Print, Zebra Print, Blank Solid Colors, Collegiate, Sports, Sorority, Hunting, Nascar, and you can even custom design your own!   Get Yours Today!

Animal Print Monogrammed Trailer Hitch
Animal Print Monogrammed Trailer Hitch
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Camo Trailer Hitches
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Collegiate Trailer Hitch Covers
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Personalized Polka Dot Trailer Hitches